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Quick Links

Draw the Districts: Online Mapping Software

Council File Management System

Redistricting Charter

Public Hearings Rules (PDF)

Working Budget (PDF)

Timeline (PDF)

2001-02 Commission Report


2011-12 Commission Report


Legal Training

The City Attorney's Office provides the Commission with information on relevant laws, legal requirements, and key principles associated with redistricting. The presentations below were provided during Commission meetings.

Charter and Administrative Code Provisions

Summary of Redistricting Law and Criteria (PDF)

Demographic Data for Council Districts - 2010 (PDF)

Citizen Voting Age Population Data for Council Districts - 2010 (PDF)

U.S. Census Data

Neighborhood Council and Community Maps

Neighborhood Council Map with Council District Overlay - 2011 (PDF)

Los Angeles Times Communities/Neighborhoods Map - 2011 (PDF)