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L.A. City Redistricting

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How to Get Involved


Your input is critical in letting our Commission know your thoughts and comments about redistricting of your community.  The Commission has prepared a Public Comment Form. We invite you to fill it out and submit it to the Commission.  The Public Comment Form allows you to give the Commission your ideas about how to improve your district and community.   You can submit these forms online, or you can fax at 213-478-5980.  You can also submit a form via your local community district meeting.

If you would like to address the commission regarding the agenda, you may do so at your local community district meeting.  You will have up to 2 minutes to speak.   If you would like to address multiple agenda items, you may do so and be given additional time which will be determined by the commission.


Maps are another way for you to provide input to the Commission. The Commission will accept any size small or large and in any format.  All maps will be considered public record.  In order to hand draw your own map, please go to the LAUSD Redistricting Commission website.  If you prefer you can pick up a map from our office at 200 N. Spring St, Los Angeles, Ca 90012.


To assist you with drawing your maps, there are online tools Redistricting Mapping and Draw the Lines. These tools allow you to draw and submit your maps.


The Commission shall provide an opportunity in open meetings for the public to address the Commission on each agenda item as discussed above.  If multiple speaker cards are submitted on one agenda item, preference will be granted to members of the public who have not spoken previously during the meeting, either during public testimony or on another agenda item.  A member of the public wishing to speak on more than one agenda item at a single meeting shall limit his or her remarks to a total of five (5) minutes per meeting as stated above.  The Presiding Officer, in his or her discretion, may allow a speaker to combine remarks on multiple items so as to speak to them during one appearance at the podium.  The Presiding Officer shall have the sole authority to grant a speaker’s request to loan, cede, defer or yield time to another speaker.